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Have you tried our Classic Vegie Burger?

Vegie Magic Classic Vegie Burger

Our gourmet vegie burger range began with the Classic Vegie Burger.

First introduced to the Australian marketplace in the mid-1980s the Classic has grown in popularity ever since and remains the number one choice for many of our customers today. Made from a blend of choice vegetables, other real ingredients and spices the Classic is as close as you can get to homemade. It is hand-formed, cooked and either chilled or frozen to supply to your local store or eating place.

At 150g the Classic is the focal point for easy to prepare, hearty and healthy snacks or meals. Top it with your favourite condiment or sauce, add a few accompanying ingredients and serve up food that appeals to everyone in the household. Its clean fresh flavour, mouth-watering texture and colourful vegie appearance will keep you coming back for more!

If you’re watching what you eat, think about adding the Classic vegie burger to your diet – it’s low in fat, low in sugar, a good source of fibre and contains 1.5 standard serves of vegies. It contains no added sugar, preservatives or animal ingredients.

Where to purchase

Our Vegie Magic gourmet vegie burgers are sold in retail outlets in 2-trays, bulk packs and more often as single vegie burgers in your local supermarket deli, local deli or local butcher. For more information visit the Vegie Magic Website, contact us via our enquiry form to locate a local stockist or sign up for Vegie Magic News to learn more and access special deals and promotions!

Foodservice and distribution enquires

The Classic is one of a number of vegie burgers, mini-burgers, sliders and bites available for foodservice. To find out more call Robyn on (03) 9706 7800, visit the Vegie Magic Website or contact us via our enquiry form.

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